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Table 3 Definition of severe COVID-19 used in each study

From: Obesity is associated with severe disease and mortality in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): a meta-analysis

Author Year Definition of a severe form of COVID-19
Céline Louapre 2020 7-point ordinal scale (ranging from 1 [not hospitalized with no limitations on activities] to 7 [death]) with a cut off at 3 (hospitalized and not requiring supplemental oxygen)
Philip Zachariah 2020 Severe diseaseas defined by the requirement for mechanical ventilation
Frederick S 2020 defined as admission to the intensive care unit or death
QingxianCai 2020 based on results from chest radiography, clinical examination, and symptoms
Kenneth I 2020 based on the current management guideline
Ling Hu 2020 based initial clinical presentation
Rui Huang 2020 according to guidelines for the diagnosisand treatment of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection by the national health commission (trial version 5)
Ming Deng 2020 rapid decline in albumin level, the decrease in albumin was accompanied by an increase in D-dimer, which is an indicator of hypercoagulation