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Table 1 The relationships between the COM-B components, the theoretical domains, and the intervention functions, informed by Michie et al. 2014 [12]

From: A cross-sectional survey assessing the influence of theoretically informed behavioural factors on hand hygiene across seven countries during the COVID-19 pandemic

   Intervention Functions
COM-B components Theoretical Domains Education Persuasion Incentivisation Coercion Training Restriction Environmental restruction Modelling Enablement
Capability Knowledge x     x     x
Skills x     x     x
Memory Attention and Decision Processes x     x     x
Behavioural Regulation x     x     x
Opportunity Environmental Contexts and Resources      x x x   x
Social Influences       x x x x
Motivation Reinforcement   x x x x   x x x
Emotions   x x x x   x x x
Optimism   x x x x   x x x
Social/Professional Role and Identity   x x x x   x x x
Beliefs about Capabilities   x x x x   x x x
Beliefs about Consequences x x x x      
Intentions x x x x      
Goals x x x x