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Table 5 Feedback of team members

From: Application of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to improve medication safety in the dispensing process – a study at a teaching hospital, Sri Lanka

Feed back Total number of participants (N = 13)
Agreed frequency (N) Agreed percentage (%)
I feel that this method (FMEA group discussions) is an effective method to analyse the dispensing process. 13 100
The discussions were interesting to me. 13 100
The discussions made me to think more deeply on my day today practice and patient safety. 12 92.3
The discussions allowed us to share the experiences and ideas of other colleagues. 12 92.3
I feel that this method is a time-wasting procedure. 1 7.7
I feel that the scoring method and failure mode identification depends on experience of individuals. 12 92.3
I think that identified failure modes and solutions made for our setting can directly apply to any other setting (another hospital), without any change. 5 38.5
I recommend that this method can be applied to analyse other areas of hospital pharmacy such as indoor dispensing, stores management. 10 76.9