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Table 1 CRC Cancer Mortality Rate per 100,000 NYC Population by CRC Risk Factor and Access to Healthcare

From: Decreased colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in a diverse urban population with increased colonoscopy screening

CRC Risk factor Colon cancer mortality rate per 100,000 95% CI P-value
Race/ethnicity    < 0.0001
 Black 15.18 14.20–16.16
 White 12.02 11.38–12.65
 Latino/a 10.27 9.46–11.08
 Asian 8.84 7.84–9.85
 Consumed fruits/vegetables 13.17 13.14–13.20 <=0.0001
 No fruits/vegetables 13.41 13.32–13.50  
 Never smoked 13.17 13.14–13.21 <=0.0026
 Currently smoke 13.42 13.34–13.50  
Access to healthcare
 Have a PCP 13.19 13.16–13.22 <=0.0254
 Don’t have a PCP 13.28 13.20–13.36  
Access to health insurance
 Have health insurance 12.96 12.88–13.05 <=0.0001
 Uninsured 13.25 13.22–13.28  
  1. Legend: Mortality rate data are from NYC Vital Statistics 2014–2016. Risk factor and access to healthcare are from responses to CHS questions in 2014–2016 on diet (About how many cups of fruit did you eat yesterday? About how many cups of vegetables did you eat yesterday?), smoking (Have you smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your entire life? Do you now smoke cigarettes every day, some days, or not at all?), access to healthcare (Do you have one or more person you think of as your personal doctor or health care provider? Do you have any kind of health insurance coverage, including private health insurance or governmental plans such as Medicare or Medicaid?) CRC colorectal cancer, NYC New York City, PCP primary care provider, CHS community health survey