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Table 1 The clinic's working conditions

From: Mental health consequences of long-term stays in refugee camps: preliminary evidence from Moria

The clinic consisted of a container with three small consultation rooms. Unable to gain medical access during the day, patients of all ages and nationalities would line up well before opening hours. A triage system was used to ensure that the worst cases were addressed, adding to desperation and anxiety in those turned away. Inside the clinic, there was often agitation and noise; earplugs were sometimes handed to patients to prevent panic or dissociation from being triggered. MMS staff had to lock themselves in and call the police on a regular basis, mostly because of threatening or aggressive patients. On one occasion, 20 armed men attacked the clinic, trying to assault a patient who was inside. The night watch of the police was outnumbered and could not prevent the clinic from being demolished and patients and staff inside being assaulted. It marked the end of the clinic’s activities.