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Table 2 Variable definitions for household dataset

From: Cherish your children: socio-economic and demographic characteristics associated with child mortality

Variable Description Expected Sign (s)
Dependent Variable
 Child Mortality 1 if a household experienced in child deaths; 0 if not  
Independent Variables
Socio-economic Characteristics
  Place of Residence
   Geographical Locations Separate dummy variables for Western Province, Central Province, Southern Province, Northern Province, Eastern Province, North Eastern Province, North Central Province, Uva Province And Sabaragamuwa Province; Uva Province is the reference category. (+/−)
   Sectors Separate dummy variables for urban, rural and estate. Estate is the reference category. (+/−)
   Income Per capita Household Monthly Income (SLRs.‘000) (−)
  Household Head’s Education Level Separate dummy variables for no-schooling, primary, secondary, tertiary, higher and special. Special is the reference category. (+/−)
   Sources of Drinking Water Separate dummy variables for protected well-within premises, protected well-outside premises, unprotected well, tap inside home, tap within premises, tap-outside premises, project in village, tube well, bowser, river/tank/streams, rain water, bottled water, other. Rainwater is the reference category. (+/−)
   Available Toilet Facilities Separate dummy variables for water seal-connected to pit, water seal-connected to drainage system, not water seal, direct pit, and Other. Other is the reference category. (+/−)
   Household Head’s Employability Status Separate dummy variables for government, semi government, private, own account worker, and contributing family worker. Contributing family worker is the reference category. (+/−)
Demographic Characteristics  
 Household Head’s Age Age of the household heads (in years) (+/−)
 Religion Separate dummy variables for Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, and other. Other is the reference category. (+/−)
 Ethnicity Separate dummy variables for Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamil, Indian Tamil, Sri Lankan Moors, and other. Other is the reference category. (+/−)
  1. Source: Authors’ compilation