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Table 2 Summary of study sites, reproduced from [21]

From: Climate change and socioeconomic determinants are structural constraints to agency in diet-related non-communicable disease prevention in Vanuatu: a qualitative study

  Village A Village B
Island Efate Espiritu Santo
Village type Peri-urban Remote
Population 5211 people
965 households
136 people
37 households
Closest city Port Vila, capital city Luganville
Access to city Port Vila centre: 20–30 min’ drive
Regular local buses
Cost: USD1.30 each way
Luganville: 3–4 h truck ride on unpaved roads; and 2–4 h boat trip
Private chartered transport
Cost: approximately USD165.00 each way
Electricity access Municipal electricity No electricity supply
Small solar lights
One solar inverter
Water supply Municipal water supply Gravity-fed from river
Main source of household income Wages/salary Sale of fish/crops/handicrafts
Main cooking method Gas stove
Open fire inside an outdoor kitchen/near the house
Open fire inside a hut (kitchen)/outside near the house
Food storage Very few refrigerators – can rent space in a refrigerator/freezer
Dry storage – no preservation
Traditional storage e.g. yam beds
Harvest as needed