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Table 3 Australian and international exemplars of strategies to achieve the human right to food

From: Problems, policy and politics – perspectives of public health leaders on food insecurity and human rights in Australia

Strategy Australian example International example
Social welfare advocacy or policy • Raise the Rate (Newstart)
• Right to Food Coalition (National)
• Norway
• Sweden
• School Lunch Program (Japan)
• Basic Pension Policy (New Zealand)
• Canada – Paddock to Plate (British Columbia)
• National Food Policy (Brazil)
• Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program (USA)
• Right to Food Scotland Bill (Scotland)
Legal frameworks • Charter of Human Rights (Victoria)  
Community-led approaches • Remote food symposium (Northern Territory) • Food Lab Detroit (USA)
• Vibrant Communities (Canada)
• Incredible Edible (UK)
Food distribution platforms and models • Open Food Network (National)
• Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Justice Truck (Victoria)
• Melbourne ‘pay as you feel’ restaurants (Victoria)
• The Stop (Canada)
• Food Hubs (USA)
• Food growing on urban building roofs (France)