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Table 1 Number and proportion of participants correctly responding to statements regarding knowledge about infections, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

From: Knowledge about infections is associated with antibiotic use: cross-sectional evidence from the health survey Northern Ireland

  Knowledge about infections, antibiotics, and antibiotic resistance
  Correct response Correct response
N (% of 4135)
1 Colds and flus should be treated with an antibiotic False 3805 (92.0)
2 Antibiotics are used to treat bacteria True 2687 (65.0)
3 Once you start to feel better, you should stop taking the antibiotic False 3828 (92.6)
4 Chances of resistant bacteria increase if you take antibiotics when you don’t need to. True 2297 (55.6)
5 Chances of resistant bacteria increase if you don’t finish the course. True 1809 (43.7)
6 Diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia and meningitis are becoming more difficult to treat, as drug-resistant bacteria do not respond to antibiotics and continue to cause infection True 2072 (50.1)