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Table 2 Association of parents’ health literacy and sleeping problems in children according to multiple linear regression analyses

From: Relationship between parents’ health literacy and children’s sleep problems in Japan

  Univariate model Model 1 a
R2 0.16
Adjusted R2 0.10
Model 2 b
R2 0.25
Adjusted R2 0.22
R p value Standardized β p value Standardized β p value
Dependent variable: CSHQ-J
Parents’ health literacy − 0.11 0.038 −0.12 0.03 −0.11 0.043
  1. CSHQ-J The Japanese version of Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire, R2 Coefficient of determination, β Regression coefficient
  2. a Model 1 was adjusted for children’s age, sex, IOTF, and number of siblings
  3. b Model 2 was adjusted for Model 1 + parent’s age, sex, BMI, educational status, household income, and smoking status