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Table 2 Model parameters for SEIRS model

From: Individually optimal choices can be collectively disastrous in COVID-19 disease control

Parameter Symbol Value Source
Latency period 1/ α 3 days [30]
Reproductive number R0 5.7 individuals [17]
Infectious period 1/ γ 10 days [31]
Natural immunity duration 1/ δ 18 months [32]
Infection fatality rate σ 0.68% [33]
Population birth rate μ 1% annually [34]
Population death rate λ 0.9% annually [35]
Fraction compliant f Variable  
Protective efficacy 1-b Variable  
Transmission reduction 1-c Variable  
  1. All parameters defining the ODE-based SEIRS model. In this analysis, the fraction compliant, protective efficacy against infection, and reduction in transmission are treated as independent variables