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Table 1 Characteristics of the participants in the time of the interview

From: Return to work a bumpy road: a qualitative study on experiences of work ability and work situation in individuals with chronic whiplash-associated disorders

Age, mean (range) yearsa 47 (24–60)
Female gender, n (%)ª 13 (75%)
Duration post whiplash injury in months, mean (range)a 28.5 (8–54)
Present neck pain intensity, VAS 0–100 mm, mean (range) 29.9 (0–73)
Neck-specific disability, NDI % score 0–100, mean (range) 34 (4–56)
Number of participants workinga, n (%) 16 (94%)
White collar workersa, n (%) 12 (75%)
Current work ability, single item WAI 0–10, mean (range) 6.6 (1–10)
RCT group A, n (%)ª 65%
  1. Range = minimum to maximum; NDI, Neck Disability Index, % score 0 (no disability) to 100 (complete disability); VAS, Visual analogue scale, score 0 - (no pain) to 100 (worst possible pain); WAI, work ability index and the single item current work ability compared with the lifetime best, score 0 (completely unable to work) to 10 (work ability at its best); RCT group A refers to the allocation in the randomized controlled trial, receiving internet-based exercise support and few physiotherapy visits
  2. aBaseline data, otherwise 1 year after the end of the rehabilitation program