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Table 1 Thematic data analysis process

From: Developing targeted client communication messages to pregnant women in Bangladesh: a qualitative study

Themes Sub-themes Codes
Perception of pregnancy complications • Perceived susceptibility and severity • Perceived susceptibility to anemia
• Perceived susceptibility to diabetes
• Perceived susceptibility to hypertension
• Perceived severity of anemia
• Perceived severity of diabetes
• Perceived severity of hypertension
• Care seeking
• Pregnancy complications
ANC practices • Perceived benefits of ANC attendance
• First ANC attendance
• Follow-up ANC visits
• Benefit of ANC
• First ANC
• Follow-up ANC check-up
Perceived barriers for attending ANC • Perceived barriers for attending ANC • Barrier of ANC attendance
Self-care knowledge, practice and family cooperation during pregnancy • Self-care and family support
• Decision-making for maternal care service utilization
• Self -care for pregnancy
• Family support
• Decision making for care seeking
Targeted client communication strategy • Client communication strategy
• Contact person and time for communication
• Preferred communication channel
  1. ANC Antenatal care