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Table 2 Unadjusted and adjusted social support score according to self-rated health status

From: The association of education in a new society and social support from the education with the health of North Korean defectors: a cross-sectional study

Social support score Self-rated health status p-value
Very good
(n = 10)
(n = 39)
(n = 49)
(n = 18)
Very poor
(n = 10)
 Mean 27.60a 32.00ab 34.27abc 36.67bc 41.30c 0.001
 [SD] [9.66] [8.15] [6.76] [8.27] [7.51]  
 Mean 28.47a 32.06ab 34.13bc 37.20cd 39.86d 0.007
 [SE] [2.37] [1.18] [1.07] [1.84] [2.47]  
  1. Unadjusted means are reported with standard deviation in brackets. Adjusted means are reported with standard error in brackets. p-values were obtained by ANOVA and ANCOVA controlling for age, gender, living with family, residence period in South Korea, smoking, and drinking. SD standard deviation, SE standard error