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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the systematic review

From: The impacts of collaboration between local health care and non-health care organizations and factors shaping how they work: a systematic review of reviews

Include if the study:
- Focuses on collaboration between two or more distinct organizations that aims to improve health-related outcomes. Health-related outcomes includes improvements in services, such as care quality, as well as impacts on health outcomes and inequalities.
- Focuses on collaborations at a local level—meaning that the collaborations operate primarily at a sub-national level, such as a state, region, county, or neighbourhood.
- Focuses on collaborations with at least one health care organization (eg a hospital or primary care practice), and at least one non-health care organization (eg local government, housing, social services, or transportation agencies).a
- Is a systematic or other type of scholarly review of empirical data on collaboration outcomes or processes and mechanisms that may affect collaboration outcomes.
Exclude if the study:
- Focuses on collaboration between professional groups within single organizations, or within merged organizations (even if these organizations were recently distinct).
- Focuses on service delivery partnerships (eg multidisciplinary teams working in primary care) or interprofessional collaboration (eg between clinicians and social workers) without any focus on related collaboration at an organizational level.
- Focuses on collaborations between organizations within the health care system (eg between primary care practices) or between agencies focused on academic research.
- Is not a review article or does not include empirical data on collaboration outcomes or processes and mechanisms thought to affect collaboration outcomes. Reviews of partnership models or theoretical frameworks related to partnerships were excluded.
  1. aDepending on local or national context, local government, public health, and social services agencies may deliver some health care or closely related services. Terms for these organizations were therefore included in our literature searches. However, for the purposes of study selection and analysis, these types of organizations and services were not viewed as health care organizations. This means that reviews focused on collaborations between health care and public health, or between health care and social services, were included in the review