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Table 2 Structure of focus group discussions

From: Public perceptions of Lyme disease and climate change in southern Manitoba, Canada: making a case for strategic decoupling of climate and health messages

  Discussion topics Example discussion questions and prompts
Part 1 Climate change perceptions When I say the phrase ‘climate change’, what comes to mind?
Have you seen any examples of changes in your community?
Part 2 Lyme disease perceptions When I say the phrase ‘Lyme disease’, what comes to mind?
When did you first hear about Lyme disease?
Part 3 Relationship between climate change and Lyme disease perceptions Do you think there is a relationship between climate change and Lyme disease? Why or why not?
Part 4 Responses to three communications materials (video, map, and article) When you review these various communication materials, what is most effective and communicating climate and Lyme risk? Why or why not?