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Table 3 Participants’ cited reasons for their vaccination statusa

From: Determinants of influenza vaccine uptake and willingness to be vaccinated by pharmacists among the active adult population in Hungary: a cross-sectional exploratory study

Reasons for being … Number (%)
Vaccinated, n = 200 (100%)
 To protect myself from the flu and its complications 190(95.0)
 To protect those with risk factors around me 122(61.0)
 I consider flu a severe disease 105(52.5)
 I belong to a risk group, I am prone to infections/diseases 69(34.5)
 I had severe influenza previously 31(15.5)
 Death due to influenza complications around me (in my neighbourhood) 7(3.5)
Unvaccinated, n = 1431 (100%)
 Because I rarely get infectious diseases (including influenza) 968(67.7)
 Because I do not have a risk factor 700(48.9)
 Because nobody has a risk factor around me 587(41.0)
 Because I prefer alternative therapies (e.g. natural medicine) 511(35.7)
 I consider influenza a minor disease 463(32.4)
 Because I am afraid of the side effects 451(31.5)
 Because of the contradictory opinions on flu vaccine 411(28.7)
 I consider the vaccine ineffective 380(26.6)
 Because I prefer medical therapy 361(25.2)
 Previous bad experience with flu vaccine among family members/acquaintance 341(23.8)
 Because I forgot and missed it 263(18.4)
 Because I am afraid of the needles 172(12.0)
 I received the flu vaccine previously, but it was ineffective because I got the flu 156(10.9)
 Influenza vaccine is contraindicated to me 93(6.5)
 I received the flu vaccine previously, but I experienced major/serious side effects 85(5.9)
  1. aParticipants’ could give more than one reason