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Table 2 Knowledge of HIV transmission and post-exposure prophylaxis (n = 2002)

From: What do patients consulting in a free sexual health center know about HIV transmission and post-exposure prophylaxis?

  Correct answer % Incorrecta answer (n)
HIV transmission is possible from …
 unprotected sexual intercourseb Yes 1.2 (24)
 sharing used needlesb Yes 3.3 (66)
 sharing a drink with an infected person c No 9.7 (195)
 kissing an infected personc No 17.6 (353)
 using public toiletsc No 27.5 (550)
Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) consists of …
 taking emergency treatment as soon as possible after risky intercourse Yes 55.6 (1113)
  1. aIncorrect answers included “Don’t know”
  2. bstatement taken into account for the Lack of knowledge of HIV transmission routes outcome
  3. cstatement taken into account for the False beliefs on HIV transmission outcome