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Table 4 Examples of top three practical problems

From: Problems after flight: understanding and comparing Syrians’ perspectives in the Middle East and Europe

Jordan Turkey Switzerland
Employment Employment Employment
“No job and can’t get a work permit” [J62] “Can’t find work” [T18] “To find a good job position. I am Arabic teacher” [CH34]
“[…] being unable to work (because I stay in village 5)” [J38] “My husband is ill, I can’t work. We can’t have enough money” [T17] “Difficulties with finding a job despite learning the language” [CH30]
Finances Finances Government regulations
“Financial problems / house and children’s expenses” [J33] “I need an implant but I can’t due to financial problems” [T37] “I feel temporary and not safe here because I have F […] my son also has F permit; he can’t travel out of Switzerland” [CH36]
“Being the family breadwinner because my husband is abroad” [J5] “Unstable, I have no home or financial source” [T16] “The immigration department rejected my asylum request to join my family” [CH2]
Camp related Language Housing
“Staying in the village 5 makes me feel unable to go out” [J38] “My kids don’t know the Turkish language; they don’t understand their lessons” [T41] “I don’t have an appropriate apartment for my children and me” [CH31]
“Being obliged to be in the camp bothers my children and I [...]” [J48] “I can’t learn Turkish because I have many responsibilities, house and kids” [T20] “Living in the asylum centre with the family” [CH13]