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Table 2 Reasons for stopping ART, if ever took ART (N = 504)

From: Stopping, starting, and sustaining HIV antiretroviral therapy: a mixed-methods exploration among African American/Black and Latino long-term survivors of HIV in an urban context

Did not want medication side effects 54.6
Switched to other HIV medications 45.7
Decided to stop because CD4 and viral load numbers have been good 39.3
Were on too many medications 36.9
Changed doctors or clinics 29.8
The HIV medication(s) initially worked, but then stopped working 25.5
Disclosure concern (did not want anyone to find out that about HIV positive status) 24.2
Prefer alternative treatments 19.0
The HIV medications(s) did not work 18.5
Doctor told you to stop 9.9
Could not afford the HIV medication(s) 7.2
Believed you have been cured of HIV 7.1
Partner or friends suggested you stop taking HIV medication(s) 7.0