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Table 3 Beliefs about cancer shared by Roma and Gypsy/Travellers

From: Knowledge and experience of cancer prevention and screening among Gypsies, Roma and Travellers: a participatory qualitative study

  •Cancer is an evil disease
Roma ‘It is a malicious sickness.’ P4-Roma, F53
Gypsy/Travellers ‘It’s our big, black devil that nobody wants to mention.’ P12-Traveller, F60
  •Cancer is taboo
Roma ‘One does not even want to hear about that sickness, or … even want to be in contact with those people.’ P24-Roma, F29
Gypsy/Travellers ‘It’s sort of viewed as taboo … people just don’t want to call it the cancer word.’ P8-Gypsy, M18
  •Fear of cancer
Roma ‘Everyone is the most afraid of cancer.’ P1-Roma, F28
Gypsy/Travellers ‘Gypsies seem to think if you’ve got that, you are going to die.’ P7-Gypsy, F55
  •Cancer is latent in everyone
Roma ‘I think that all of us have it. And the one who does not protect himself and does not try to be healthy, in that case it will simply be confirmed.’
P26-Roma, M29
Gypsy/Travellers ‘Every person has a cancer inside of them, it just needs to be awakened.’
P41-Showperson, F49
  •Screening is avoided
Roma ‘They should go regularly, but the people neglect it.’
P27-Roma, M58
Gypsy/Travellers ‘They’re stubborn and they’re ignorant to it because the reason is they’re scared, they don’t want to know things...when... older people was … younger there was no such thing.’ P21-Gypsy, F49