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Table 3 Participants’ Experiences Being HIV-Positive

From: A qualitative study on mixed experiences of discrimination and healthcare access among HIV-positive immigrants in Spain

Family/friend support on the matter of HIV
 Full support (family and friends) 2
 Family support 1
 Friend support 2
 Some support (some family and/or some friends) 6
 No support 1
Experience/perception of country of origin context for HIV
 Lack of medication 5
 Discrimination (including fear of discrimination) 2
 Stigma and prejudice (including lack of information) 4
 No experience in country of origin 1
Received initial guidance on how to access necessary healthcare services in Spain
 NGO guidance (including associations) 6
 Hospital staff (social worker) 1
 Friend guidance (friend, family member) 5
Experience of applying for insurance card in Spain
 Positive 9
 Negative 3
Perceived reasons for negative experience while trying to access healthcare services or after receiving care
 Hospital staff (not entitled to health insurance card) 1
 Not entitled by the law (3-month registration requirement not met) 2
 Not explained the system in advance (received a bill) 1
 N/A (participants who did not identify negative experience) 8
Perceived experience while trying to access other health services/follow-ups
 Positive 9
 Negative 1
 Unknown or not applicable 2
Emotional experience of living with HIV
 Distress 4
 Distress in the initial stages 5
 No negative thoughts expressed 3
Experience of discrimination in country of origin
 Fear of discrimination 5
 Experienced discrimination 2
 No experience of discrimination 1
 Other (unknown or not applicable) 4
Experience of discrimination in Spain
 Fear of discrimination 2
 Experienced discrimination 2
 No experience of discrimination 3
 Other (felt differential treatment, unknown, unclear) 5
Knowledge/experience of 2012 RDL and RD  
 Aware and did not change anything 1
 Somewhat aware and did not change anything 3
 Not aware and was not in the country 4
 Not aware and was in the country 1
 Not aware and unclear if he/she was in the country 3
  1. NGO nongovernmental organization, RD Royal Decree, RDL Royal Decree Law