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Table 3 Summary measures of SES inequality and the prevalence of anemia, underweight, diabetes and prediabetes among reproductive age group women aged 15 to 49 years

From: Inequality, chronic undernutrition, maternity, and diabetes mellitus as the determinant of anemia among ever-married women in Bangladesh

Variable Concentration indexc Standard error (SE) P-value
Underweight women −.52 .03 <.001
Anemic women −.42 .01 .002
Pre-diabetic women −.32 .01 .04
Diabetic women −.30 .04 .02
  1. C Obtained by the formula 2 r (hi/μ) = α + βri +εi;, h is the health variable whose inequality is being measured, μ is its mean, ri is the ith individual’s fractional rank (for example if a women is underweight and which SES group she is belonging) in the socioeconomic distribution, σ2 r is the variance of the fractional rank, The estimate β is equal to the concentration index, ri = underweight women, anemic women, pre-diabetic women, diabetic women α is constant (underweight women = .65, anemic women = .95, pre-diabetic women = .94, diabetic women = .84) and εi is the error term. Concentration index has a negative value when the health indicator is concentrated among the disadvantaged; A positive value when the health indicator is concentrated among the advantaged; When there is no inequality the value is equals 0; the theoretical maximum is ±1