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Table 1 Qualitative analysis findings from consultations with Arabic and Chinese speaking migrant mothers and health professionals

From: The process of culturally adapting the Healthy Beginnings early obesity prevention program for Arabic and Chinese mothers in Australia

Domains and sub-themes Arabic speaking mothers Chinese speaking mothers Health professionals
Domain 1: Beliefs and practices related to infant feeding, active play, sedentary behaviours, sleep
 Confinement practices important for recovery after birth x x x
 Breastfeeding as part of the social norm and expected x   x
 Not enough breastmilk and formula use for reassurance   x x
 Feeding as helpful for weight gain, sleep and settling x x x
 Confusion with ideal timing of complementary feeding x x x
  ‘Tummy time’ as a new concept x x x
 The floor is not seen as a place for new babies to play x x x
  ‘Tummy time’ as a risk for new babies   x x
 Interactions/play with babies as natural x x x
 Dilemmas of screen use x x x
 Screens to distract baby while feeding    x
Domain 2: Perceptions related to child weight
 A bigger baby as a healthier baby x x x
 Infant overweight as not a concern    x