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Table 1 Environmental variables used in the SDMs for mf occurrence and their sources

From: Spatial variation in lymphatic filariasis risk factors of hotspot zones in Ghana

Variable Variable Description Source
Population Population Density WorldPop [26]
Housing Improved Housing The malaria atlas project [38]
DEM Digital elevation model STRM (US [39])
Waterbodies Proximity to all water bodies and wetlands; swamps and marshes  
Slope Derived from elevation  
LULC Land use and land cover classes Landsat 7 (US [39])
Bio 1 Annual Mean Temperature WorldClim [41]
Bio 12 Annual Precipitation  
Bio17 Precipitation of the direst quarter  
Bio 18 Precipitation of Warmest Quarter  
Bio 19 Precipitation of Coldest Quarter  
NTL Distance to stable night light  
MeanDayLST Mean Day Land Surface Temperature MOD11A2 [30]
MaxDayLST Maximum Day Land Surface Temperature  
MinDayLST Minimum Day Land Surface Temperature  
MeanNightLST Mean Night Land Surface Temperature  
MaxNightLST Maximum Night Land Surface Temperature  
MinNightLST Minimum Night Land Surface Temperature  
EVI Enhanced Vegetation Index MOD13Q1 [30]