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Table 1 Work package and secondary objectives

From: Describing, analysing and understanding the effects of the introduction of HIV self-testing in West Africa through the ATLAS programme in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Senegal

Work package Key populations Indextesting Couponssurvey Cost study Modelling
Delivery channels FSW, MSM, PWuID  Index testing
(partners ofPLHIV)
All All All
Study populations Key actors,
Community members,
HIVST users
PLHIV andpartners,
Health workers
HIVST users Dispensing sites,
Dispensing agents
SO1 Identify the social, cultural and organisational factorsfacilitating and limiting the primary and secondary distributionof HIVST kits and their use by the different actors involved.    
SO2 Define the socio-behavioural profile and HIV testinghistory of HIVST users and their care pathway in the eventof a reactive test.     
SO3 Analyse the positive and negative social and healthconsequences of the introduction of HIVST for individuals,communities and the health system.   
SO4 Estimate the incremental costs of dispensing HIVSTkits per dispensing channel.      
SO5 Model the epidemiological impacts of the ATLASprogramme and different scale-up scenarios on epidemicdynamics.     
SO6 Estimate the cost-effectiveness and the medium-and long-term budgetary impact of different scaling strategies.