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Table 4 Illustrative quotes of patient views

From: Incorporating a brief intervention for personalised cancer risk assessment to promote behaviour change into primary care: a multi-methods pilot study

Qualitative theme Illustrative quotes
Knowledge of the risk factors for cancer “I mean well from my knowledge of cancer and probably the general public knowledge of cancer, I know there are certain things that you can do to help lower your risk” Patient 6
“I knew that I didn’t smoke and I don’t drink a lot (alcohol) so I knew the ones most people get because of their lifestyle” Patient 1
Expectations of their risk “I suppose that’s roughly where I probably thought I would be. But when it’s actually stuck in front of you like that, it focuses the mind a bit more.” Patient 8
“While I was aware of the sort of things I should be doing in my lifestyle I didn’t really appreciate what the cancer impact of those choices could have” Patient 9
Risk presentation “I found it very easy to understand. It shows you- projected, what you could do, and it tells you that in a very straightforward way, I thought” Patient 11
“So, by showing you in a chart, you can understand it better, even if you haven’t got a technical mind” Patient 5
Risk modification “It’s made me more aware of trying to do these things, especially the losing weight, side of it, which is the most difficult part, to be quite honest” Patient 2
“That’s the thing that really hit me more than anything when that came up. And by just discussing with me a little bit, if I change my lifestyle a bit this way, that way, she showed me how it would head more towards green” Patient 8
Behaviour change “I think that merely going through this exercise has helped to push my motivators in the right direction” Patient 7
“I’d been smoking, prior to then, when I came out of there, I made a change straight away” Patient 5
“Now I’m aware, it’s on my mind all the time. Like when we were away, I tried to eat chicken as opposed to steaks and that sort of thing” Patient 10
Provision of cancer risk information “…there’s a good advice about your healthy lifestyle or your choices about getting a healthy lifestyle which will benefit both your cardiovascular and the chances of getting cancer. So I think it compliments each other really well. I was happy to have the information in one go because you can look at the way you’re living and your life and then you can make decisions” Patient 11