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Table 2 Percentage of positive response to preventive behavior

From: COVID-19 preventive behaviors and influencing factors in the Iranian population; a web-based survey

Items Positive response
Individual behaviors
 I do NOT leave home, unless it is necessary 935 (44.6)
 I avoid handshakes and hugging others 1845 (88)
 I keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from others 980 (46.5)
 I avoid touching my face (eyes, nose and mouth) 345 (31.2)
 I regularly wash my hands for AT LEAST 20 s 1298 (61.9)
 I wear disposable gloves when I leave the house 1013 (48.3)
 I cover my mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing 1572 (75.2)
 I dispose of tissue papers in a lidded trash can 1461 (69.7)
 I DO NOT visit friends and relatives 1268 (60.5)
 I DO NOT attend birthday parties, wedding parties, or any other parties 1657 (79)
 I DO NOT eat out 1764 (84.1)
 I DO NOT use public transportation 1885 (89.9)
 I disinfect my work space surfaces before anything else 1546 (73.7)
Practices when entering the house
 I wash my hands before taking off my clothes or do any other task 1571 (74.9)
 I dry my hands using tissue papers 1967 (93.8)
 I dispose of the tissue paper in a lidded trash can 1112 (53)
 I disinfect my belongings such as cellphone, keys, wallet, etc. using alcohol disinfectant (70% alcohol) 1461 (69.7)
 I hang my clothes separately from other clothes when I enter the house 1513 (72.2)
 I wash my hands again, after removing my clothes 1281 (61.1)
 I wash my hands after using the WC and before eating 1380 (65.8)
 I disinfect all surfaces, everyday 1883 (89.8)
Practices when leaving the house
 I ask myself about the necessity, when I am leaving the house 926 (44.2)
 I take alcohol disinfectant with me 1298 (61.9)
 I wear disposable masks 1169 (55.7)
 I wear disposable gloves 1221 (58.2)
 I do not leave the house in case I have symptoms of fever and cough 1249 (59.6)
 I leave the house wearing a mask, in case I have symptoms of fever and cough 1695 (80.8)
 I always carry clean tissue papers 1501 (71.6)
 I do not touch elevator buttons with bare hands 1414 (67.4)
Practices while using personal belongings
 I do not take my cell phone out of my pocket when outside, unless there is an emergency 1243 (59.3)
 I do not remove my glasses or wrist-watch when outside 1464 (69.8)
 I do not place my belongings on surfaces I am not certain of their hygiene 1615 (77)
 I take food (Meat, chicken, eggs, etc.) only in a well done doneness 1856 (88.5)