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Table 12 Recommendations to improve PC-NTDs surveillance core activities

From: Assessment of surveillance core and support functions regarding neglected tropical diseases in Kenya

Themes Codes (Recommendations) Code
Case detection Provide PC-NTDs case definitions 30
Provide training on application of PC-NTDs case definitions 25
Simplify PC-NTDs case definitions 15
Case confirmation Improved laboratory capacity 25
Sensitisation and training on PC-NTD case confirmation 11
Case registration Availing PC-NTDs case registers 5
Improved PC-NTDs case registration 1
Reporting Prioritising PC-NTDs reporting 79
Improved and updated PC-NTDs reporting tools 69
Enhanced training on PC-NTDs data reporting 42
Adequate provision of reporting forms 20
Provision of reporting guidelines 5
Competing tasks for the limited time and resources 4
Support supervision on reporting 2
Provision of electronic reporting tools 1
Data analysis Enhance training on data analysis 87
Prioritising PC-NTDs surveillance data analysis 24
Frequent updates on data analysis skills 21
Involvement of all health cadres in surveillance activities 17
Provision of data analysis tools and equipment 4
Providing ample time for data analysis 3
Provision of guidelines for data analysis 3
Provide designated staff responsible for data analysis 2
Feedback Timely feedback on surveillance reports 58
Regular feedback on surveillance reports 48
Adopting electronic feedback mechanisms 25
Enhanced feedback to lower levels 9
Prioritising PC-NTDs feedback 6
Training on feedback mechanisms 1
Epidemic preparedness and response Adequate outbreak response supplies 25
Well constituted rapid response teams 5
Training on NTDs epidemic preparedness 4