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Table 3 Status of indicators NMRA governance category (2010/11–2015/16)

From: Harmonization of medical products regulation: a key factor for improving regulatory capacity in the East African Community

  National Medicines Regulatory Agency
Burundi Kenya Rwanda Tanzania Uganda Zanzibar
Indicator 3: NMRA level of autonomy
 NMRA’s level of autonomy Department within the Ministry of Health Semi-Autonomous Semi-Autonomous Semi-Autonomous Autonomous Semi-Autonomous
Indicator 4: Availability of structures to support NMRA decision making process
 Medicine Law Republic of Burundi. Decret No. 100/150 du 30 September 1980 portant Organization de I’exercise de la Pharmacie au Burundi. 1980. Republic of Kenya. The Pharmacy and Poisons Act, Chapter 244. 1957, as amended in 2009. Republic of Rwanda. Law No. 47/2012 of 14/01/2013 relating to the Regulation and Inspection of Food and Pharmaceutical Products. 2013 United Republic of Tanzania (Mainland). Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, Cap 219. 2003, as amended in 2004, 2014 & 2019 Republic of Uganda. The National Drug Policy and Authority Act. 1993. United Republic of Tanzania (Zanzibar). The Zanzibar Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act. No. 2 of 2006 as amended in 2016
 Existence of NMRA Governing Board No Yes Yes Yes Yes YesΔ
  1. NB: YesΔ = a change from No at baseline