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Table 7 Safe food handling attitudes of hospital food handlers

From: An assessment of the food safety knowledge and attitudes of food handlers in hospitals

Attitude questions on Safe food handling and answer optionsFrequency (%)
Receiving and Storage
 Do you believe that food stored at an incorrect temperature must always be discarded?Yes148(70.5)
No idea19(9.0)
 Do you always check the temperature of refrigerators at least once per day?Yes147(70.0)
No idea10(4.8)
 Do you always separate raw and cooked food during storage?Yes184(87.6)
No idea6(2.9)
Food handling and contamination risks
 Do you always avoid partaking in food preparation when you have diarrhoea?Yes173(82.4)
No idea4(1.9)
 Do you always wash your hands during food preparation, even if others do not wash theirs?Yes188(89.5)
No idea3(1.4)
 Do you think it is important to improve hygiene practices to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses?Yes199(94.8)
No idea6(2.9)
  1. NB: Correct attitude indicated in bold