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Table 2 Health status on diarrhea and vomiting among food handlers and their households in an informal urban settlement, Kenya, 2017

From: Norovirus infections and knowledge, attitudes and practices in food safety among food handlers in an informal urban settlement, Kenya 2017

Variablesnorovirus Positivenorovirus NegativeOR95%CI
Respondents’ knowledge on that local environment can contaminate ready-to-eat food
 Yes can contaminate37142386Ref
 No can’t contaminate2208801.540.317.54
 Don’t know answer4504506.161.4825.72
Respondents’ knowledge that spitting on drinking water can contaminate ready-to-eat food
 Yes can contaminate3614.321685.7Ref
 No can’t contaminate6409603.971.3411.92
 Don’t know answer16.31593.70.400.053.12
Soap and water availability at the point of sale as observed
 Yes both available127.514992.5Ref
 No not available3125.49174.
Household member with diarrhea
Household member with vomiting
Household member with
Neither Diarrhoea/ Vomit3212.921687.1Ref
Only Diarrhoea18.31191.70.610.084.91
Only Vomit003100UD*UDUD
Both Diarrhoea and Vomit105010506.752.6117.49
  1. *UD Undefined, *Ref Reference