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Table 1 Time series analysis of entire India 4 weeks (monthly) moving average of weekly RSV (without benchmark) for SCLD from 2004 to 2017

From: Google trend analysis of climatic zone based Indian severe seasonal sensitive population

 MeanStdevSeasonal Mann-KendallMann-KendallSeasonal periodicity
Obesity70.7711.1510.24< 0.0164939999.837174531,445.30.51< 0.013,4
Asthma64.9914.6610.92< 0.01692400210.197435531,4630.53< 0.013,4,6
Hypertension72.7810.846.83< 0.0143339995.844261531,4590.30< 0.01
Fibrosis61.0416.1811.43< 0.01724400011.038044531,4600.57< 0.014,6
  1. stdev Standard deviation, z Mann-Kendall statistics, S (Positive differences- Negative differences), varS Variance of S