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Table 3 Growth monitoring activities completed

From: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a quality improvement intervention to support integration of maternal, child and HIV care in primary health care facilities in South Africa

Nn (%)Nn (%)
From Exit Interview
 Was your baby weighed today?777773 (99%)661651 (99%)over 95% at baseline unable to model
 Was your baby’s length measured?777599 (77%)661419 (63%)2.4 (1.4–3.9)0.001
 Shown growth on growth chart777378 (49%)661295 (45%)1.5 (1.0–2.2)0.05
 Mother reports being asked how she is feeding the baby777578 (74%)661444 (67%)1.9 (1.3–3.0)0.003
 Mother reports being given advice about feeding the baby777296 (38%)661233 (35%)1.2 (0.8–1.8)0.48
From RTHB Review
 Weight recorded today776a735 (95%)658a585 (89%)1.7 (0.8–3.6)0.2
 Length recorded today776a514 (66%)658a282 (43%)2.2 (1.4–3.6)0.001
 Weight for age plotted today776a713 (92%)658a610 (93%)1.1 (0.5–2.2)0.8
 Weight for length/height plotted today776a392 (51%)658a289 (44%)2.0 (1.3–3.0)0.001
 Diagnosis for nutrition recorded in RTHB776a518 (67%)658a229 (35%)2.3 (1.5–3.5)< 0.0001
All nutrition elements completed in RTHB776a312 (40%)658a174 (26%)2.1 (1.3–3.4)0.001
  1. amissing data because no RTHB available