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Table 5 Multiple logistic regression of the outcome attitude towards E-cigarettes showing adjusted associations with its covariates

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards E-cigarette use in Lebanon and their associated factors

CovariateNo. (%)Adjusted Odds Ratio95% Confidence Interval for Odds RatioP-value
Lower LimitUpper Limit
E-cigarettes are addictive223 (67.0).231.080.663.006*
Use E-cigarettes36 (10.9)6.2571.60424.404.008*
SexMale (reference)198 (56.6).225.072.704.010*
Female152 (43.4)
E-cigarettes are harmful215 (65.3).245.080.756.014*
E-cigarettes impair lung and heart function216 (66.3).301.092.984.047*
  1. * p ≤ .050 multivariable analysis was adjusted for age and adverse effects of nicotine smoking (effects on children, fetus, pregnant women, and risk of bladder cancer)