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Table 3 Description of included studies

From: 30+ years of media analysis of relevance to chronic disease: a scoping review

 North America331(66.3)
 Central or South America5(1.0)
Publication year
Media categoriesc
 Social media49(9.8)
 Interview, survey or focus group46(9.2)
Media sample timeframe
 Less than 1 year151(30.1)
 1 – 5 years164(32.7)
 6 – 10 years55(11.0)
 11 – 15 years27(5.4)
 More than 15 years35(7.0)
 Not specified67(13.4)
Media channels
 Online (incl. online news, web pages and social media)93(18.6)
 Other (incl. billboards, product packaging, constructed messages)53(10.6)
Total Articles499 
  1. a Due to some articles being coded more than once within a category, the total within each category may exceed 499.
  2. b Includes 1 study from Turkey
  3. c See Table 2 for definitions of each of the media categories