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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of sociodemographic factors and risk behaviors associated with consistency of engagement

From: Who can we reach and who can we keep? Predictors of intervention engagement and adherence in a cluster randomized controlled trial in South Africa

 Estimated Adjusted Odds Ratio (aOR)P-value
aORa95% CI
Married or lives with partner0.890.82–0.980.02*
Education (years)1.021.01–1.04< 0.01*
Living with parents1.051.01–1.100.02*
Living with partner0.900.82–0.990.02*
Informal housing0.880.83–0.93< 0.01*
Water source on site1.181.10–1.26< 0.01*
Household toilet on site1.201.12–1.29< 0.01*
Monthly household income > 20000.960.90–1.030.26
Gang Membership1.061.01–1.120.02*
Aggregate gangsterism1.021.01–1.040.02*
  1. Analyses controlling for entry in study intervention; * p ≤ 0.05