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Table 3 Multiple linear regression comparing mental and physical composite scores by gender, tenure of current residence, and age

From: Using the 12-item short form health survey (SF-12) to assess self rated health of an engaged population impacted by hurricane Harvey, Houston, TX

GroupCoefStd Err.95% CIp-value
Mental Composite Score
 Gender (Female)− 1.241.46−4.13, 1.660.394
 Tenure of Residence0.060.030.01, 0.120.031
 Age0.070.06−0.53, 0.190.282
Physical Composite Score
 Gender (Female)0.481.28−2.06, 3.030.711
 Tenure of Residence−0.030.03−0.08, − 0.020.211
 Age0.010.05−0.09, 0.120.863