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Table 4 Classification of participants in the study sample by cluster analysis using the categories factor scoring

From: Factors associated with alcohol use disorder: the role of depression, anxiety, stress, alexithymia and work fatigue- a population study in Lebanon

 Cluster 1 N = 269 (45.4%)Cluster 2 N = 204 (34.4%)Cluster 3 N = 120 (20.2%)
Factor 1: High emotional intelligence & low emotional work fatigue−0.340.92−0.79
Factor 2: High physical and mental work fatigue, high stress & high alexithymia0.53−0.57−0.23
Factor 3: High suicidal ideation & high depression and anxiety0.31−0.860.76
Factor 4: low self-esteem & high social phobia.0.71−0.42−0.87
  1. Cluster 1 = People with psychological difficulties (low self-esteem, high social phobia, high alexithymia, high physical and mental work fatigue and high stress, low emotional intelligence and high emotional work fatigue); cluster 2 = People with high wellbeing (high emotional intelligence and low emotional work fatigue, with low suicidal ideation, low depression and anxiety, high self-esteem and low social phobia); cluster 3 = People in distress (High suicidal ideation, high depression and anxiety, with low self-esteem & high social phobia)