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Table 6 Summary of multiple liner regression models on physical health and mental health

From: Assessment of health inequality between urban-to-urban and rural-to-urban migrant older adults in China: a cross-sectional study

ModelsPhysical healthModelsMental health
btp95% CI for bbtp95% CI for b
Model PH1 (R = 0.079, Adjusted R2 = < 0.015)Model MH1 (R = 0.089, Adjusted R2 = < 0.017)
 Constant294.0773.82< 0.01286.25301.89 Constant289.0675.46< 0.01281.54296.58
 Migrant status (rural-to-urban) Migrant status (rural-to-urban)12.932.500.012.7723.08
Model PH2 (R = 0.481, Adjusted R2 = 0.227)Model MH2 (R = 0.567, Adjusted R2 = 0.319)
 Constant79.584.38< 0.0143.88115.28 Constant21.281.320.19−10.3752.93
 Migrant status (rural-to-urban)1.960.410.69−7.5211.43 Migrant status (rural-to-urban)2.700.620.54−5.9011.30
 Score of reciprocity4.656.56< Score of social integration3.9810.41<
 Score of social integration2.205.16< 0.011.363.04 Score of social trust3.415.51<
 Marriage status (not-in-marriage)28.074.48< 0.0115.7640.38 Score of reciprocity3.505.46<
 Score of social trust2.413.54< 
Model PH3 (R = 0.511, Adjusted R2 = 0.247)Model MH3 (R = 0.599, Adjusted R2 = 0.348)
 Constant69.033.13< 0.0125.75112.31 Constant28.211.470.14−9.3965.80
 Migrant status (rural-to-urban)−3.23−0.580.56−14.157.69 Migrant status (rural-to-urban)0.510.110.91−8.829.84
 Score of reciprocity4.716.69< 0.013.336.09 Score of social integration3.8410.02<
 Score of social integration2.465.66< 0.011.613.31 Score of social trust3.185.15< 0.011.974.39
 Marriage status (not-in-marriage)20.503.16< 0.017.7833.21 Score of reciprocity3.124.94< 0.011.884.36
 Score of social trust2.243.27< 0.010.903.58 Age (70 years and above)14.822.540.013.3526.28
 Age (70 years and above)13.752.050.040.5626.95 Marriage status (not-in-marriage)17.383.04< 0.016.1528.62
 Gender (female)12.442.490.012.6322.24Years living in local city(6 months to 1 year)
 Mainly economic source (offspring)12.532.270.021.7023.36One to three years−17.50− 1.880.06−35.770.78
Years living in local city(6 months to 1 year)Three to six years−12.54− 1.420.16− 29.904.83
One to three years−10.92−1.050.29−31.349.49six to twenty years−20.49−2.260.02−38.31−2.67
Three to six years−12.16− 1.230.22−31.547.23Weight status (Normal)
six to twenty years−18.75− 1.850.07−38.691.19Low weight−10.17−0.870.38−33.1312.79
Weight status (Normal)Overweight8.311.830.07−0.6017.22
Low weight−22.06−1.700.09−47.533.41Obesity0.03< 0.011.00−19.9019.96
Overweight7.341.430.15−2.7217.39 Educational attainment (Junior school and above)−7.82−1.610.11−17.361.71
 Educational attainment (Junior school and above)− 0.89− 0.160.87−11.549.76