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Table 3 Cost (USD at 2018 levels) -per averted DALY by decrease in PrEP prices and % of non-UAI users stopping Condom use on receiving PrEP

From: Cost utility analysis of HIV pre exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with men in Israel

% non-UAI stopping condom useDecrease in PrEP pricesBEP price decrease
  1. Notes: Assumes 80% PrEP take up by high-risk MSM,
  2. 25% PrEP take up by low-risk MSM
  3. PrEP efficacy of 86.0% (References (4, 5)
  4. Based on MOH payment schedule to HMOs for HIV/AIDS patients
  5. BEP Break Even Point (price decrease) for cost-effectiveness