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Table 2 Kellgren-Lawrence (KL) grade of the hip, knee, and lumbar spine by AUDIT scores in KNHANES surveyees

From: Association between alcohol consumption and osteoarthritis prevalence in Korea as assessed by the alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT): a cross-sectional study

KL gradeAUDIT scoreap value
Zone IZone IIZone IIIZone IV
Hip joint
 0 (normal)423582.392979.127976.830378.5< 0.001*
 1 (suggestive of OA)87016.923019.68322.97820.2 
 2 (non-severe OA)330.6131.100.041.0 
 3 (severe OA) 
Knee joint
 0 (normal)206540.054746.617247.418949.0< 0.001*
 1 (suggestive of OA)122023.734229.210228.110627.5 
 2 (mild OA)72914.215012.85615.45915.3 
 3 (moderate OA)77515.1927.9298.0235.9 
 4 (severe OA)3627.0413.541.192.3 
Lumbar spine
 0 (normal)110021.824421.27220.66818.3< 0.001*
 1 (suggestive of OA)222844.159852.118853.719953.6 
 2 (OA)171834.130726.79025.710428.1 
  1. KL Kellgren-Lawrence; AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; KNHANES Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
  2. *Statistical significance was set as p < 0.05
  3. a AUDIT scores are calculated as the sum of 10 items, and were categorized into Zone I (0–7), Zone II (8–15), Zone III (16–19), and Zone IV (20+)