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Table 1 Multi-Sectoral Cooperation Activities Developed by Using SNT

From: Promotion of awareness and utilization of youth friendly service through multi-sectoral cooperation mechanism in China

SNTMSCMActionsActivity Package
Emotional intensityCommon causesPromote YFS utilization and YRHNA
Interaction frequencyStakeholder participationGuarantee the frequency of coordination, communication and cooperative activitiesFor each year:
Twice multi-sectoral coordination meetings
· Once nation-level intensive training
· At least 4 h’ curriculum on YRH and YFS
· Twice lectures and Q&A activities
· Regular publicity and lecture through various public media
· Twice feedbacks from young people on the services
· Once nation-level field technical supports
· Twice local self-assessments
Reciprocal servicesConfidenceInteractive supports in workforce, technique and fundingMulti-sectoral cooperative activities:
· Regular coordination meetings to discuss and resolve problems on YRH and YFS
· Improvements on YFS facilities, environment and quality to absorb young people
· YRH education
· Trainings in multi-sectors including service providers Young people’s feedback on YFS
· Development and dissemination of various forms of IEC materials
IntimacyCommitments/responsibilitiesStrength of interactive supports· Development and issuing of local administrative documents on MSCM to clarify the role of each sector and cooperative activities
· Incorporation of each sector’s performance in the cooperation into Annual Review
· Coordination by local government to ensure workforce, funding and materials needed
· Technical support and assessment to identify and resolve problems timely
  1. Notes: SNT is Social network theory, MSCM is Multi-sectoral cooperation mechanism