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Table 4 Characteristics of sexual practices among circumcised participants

From: Voluntary medical male circumcision and sexual practices among sexually active circumcised men in Mzuzu, Malawi: a cross-sectional study

Number of sexual partners (n = 322)n%
 One partner24676.4
 More than one partner7623.6
Condom (n = 322) use last encountern%
 Used condom11836.7
 Did not use condom20463.4
Reason condom not used (n = 204)n%
 Marital partner13465.7
 Condoms not available209.8
 Perceived VMMC protection2210.8
Type of sexual partner (n = 322)n%
 Marital partner14043.4
 Paid sex partner9429.2
 Non cohabiting partner8827.3
Abstinence post VMMC (n = 322)n%
 Less than six weeks10432.3
 More than six weeks21867.7
STI (n = 322)n%
 Had STI3811.8
 No STI28488.2