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Table 1 Background characteristics of sedentary staffs (N = 400)

From: Association between body mass index and ready-to-eat food consumption among sedentary staff in Nay Pyi Taw union territory, Myanmar

CharacteristicsMale (n = 64)Female (n = 336)Total (N = 400)
Age (years)
 Other rank4164.127983.032080.0
 Officer and above2335.95717.08020.0
Average monthly overtime hour
 Less than or equal to five4062.525575.929573.7
 More than five2437.58124.110526.3
Marital status
Presence of children
Number of children
 More than one1726.63510.45213.0
Type of family
Monthly family income (MMKc)
 Less than or equal to 450,0003859.423971.127769.2
 More than 450,0002640.69728.912330.8
Presence of housemaid
Role of cooking in family
Medical history of NCDsa
  1. aNCDs: non-communicable diseases (hypertension, diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart diseases)
  2. bOthers: single, divorced, separated, widow/widower, cMMK-Myanmar kyats (1USD = 1512MMK on 22.4.2019)