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Table 4 Comparison of satisfaction with the meals, self-evaluation of the nutrition of meals and regularity of eating between Canteen and Non-Canteen groups

From: Community canteen services for the rural elderly: determining impacts on general mental health, nutritional status, satisfaction with life, and social capital

Diet-related itemsCanteen Group (n = 140)Non-Canteen Group (n = 144)P values
Evaluation (mean, SD)
 Satisfaction with the meals4.72 (0.51)3.66 (0.85)< 0.001
 Self-evaluation of the nutrition3.42 (0.72)2.50 (1.07)< 0.001
Regularity of eating (n, %)
 Regular136 (97.1%)115 (79.9%)< 0.001
 Irregular4 (2.9%)29 (20.1%) 
  1. Notes: SD Standard Deviation