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Table 1 Domains and intervention elements for the programme

From: Manaaki – a cognitive behavioral therapy mobile health app to support people experiencing gambling problems: a randomized control trial protocol

ModulesConceptual FrameworkUnderpinning IntentKey Intervention Elements
Knowing Myself (and my gambling)Developing self-awareness and insight [44]Designed to provide personalised feedback, goal setting, and understanding of gambling motivations, triggers, and/or consequencesPersonalised feedback on gambling symptom severity and gambling behaviour
Reflecting on their goal of quitting or cutting back reasons for gambling
My gambling triggers
My negative gambling consequences
My reasons for gambling
Getting Ready (to make changes)Targeting thoughts and feelings and activating behaviours [46]Designed to enhance readiness and confidence to gamble less, helping to shape thoughts and values to help make changeAm I ready to gamble less?
Knowing my values
Knowing my strengths
The benefits of gambling less
My confidence
Deciding on my goal for change
Taking Control (right now)Targeting practical behaviours and identification of situational and contextual triggersDesigned to identify strategies that can be used to “contain” the gambling in the short-term, directs to other useful tools such as venue exclusionsMy previous strategies to gambles less
Limiting access to venues
Limiting access to money
Guidelines for gambling safely
Resisting social pressures
Taking Actions (that last)Activating personal strengths and resources and enhancing belief for successful change [47, 48]Designed to identify strategies and skills that can be used to ensure longer-term success in gambling lessMy budget
My enjoyable activities
Learning to relax
The tricks that keep me gambling
My gambling thinking traps
Gamblers fallacy, Chasing, Illusion of control, Near misses
Managing Urges (to cope with real situations)Reframing thoughts and reflecting on your future self [47, 48]Designed to cope with gambling urges and cravingsPrevious attempts to manage my gambling urges
The three ‘Ds’: delay, distract and discuss
My brief relaxation strategies
My brief imagery strategies
How I rationalise my gambling
Urge surfing
My urge management reminders
Change for GOOD (and building a new future)Relapse prevention [49]Designed to prevent gambling relapse in the futureIdentifying my high-risk situation and my thoughts and feelings
My seemingly irrelevant decisions
My willpower breakdown
My decision consequences
Learning from my lapses