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Table 3 The APEASE criteria and example questions

From: A systematic review of hand-hygiene and environmental-disinfection interventions in settings with children

CriteriaExample Questions
AffordableWould others be able and willing to pay to implement the intervention?
PracticabilityWould others have sufficient physical resources or sufficiently trained staff to implement the intervention?
EffectivenessWould others believe the likely effect-size of the intervention was sufficient to justify the time and resources necessary to implement it?
AcceptabilityWould relevant stakeholders (public, professional, and political) deem the intervention socially appropriate?
Side-effectsWhat side-effects (positive or negative) are likely to emerge and how could they be monitored? How can potential negative side-effects be mitigated?
EquityWill the intervention increase unwanted disparities in different people’s standard of living, psychological wellbeing, or physical wellbeing?