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Table 2 Final model of multivariable logistic regression, impact of maternal education on full immunization

From: Impact of mother’s education on full immunization of children aged 12–23 months in Eritrea: population and health survey 2010 data analysis

FactorModel 1aModel 2b
OR(95% CI)p-valueOR(95% CI)p-value
Maternal Education
 No education1 1 
 Middle or above1.60(0.91–2.78)0.0991.49(0.84–2.65)0.173
Wealth index
 Poor1 1 
 DKB1 1 
 Debub2.71(1.32–5.58)< 0.0072.47(1.18–5.18)0.016
Vaccination card
 No1 1 
 Yes12.73(8.38–19.35)< 0.00112.79(8.38–19.52)< 0.001
ANC Visit
 No visit  1 
 1–3  2.17(1.07–4.40)0.031
 4 and above  1.67(0.83–3.38)0.151
  1. aModel1 OR adjusted for wealth index, region and possession of vaccination card
  2. bModle2 OR adjusted for wealth index, region, possession of vaccination card and ANC visit