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Table 1 Mapping aspects of the office physical environment to current physical activity guidelines

From: Office-based physical activity: mapping a social ecological model approach against COM-B

Duration Intensity Location Intention Activity/ context Description
Short Light Desk Incidental Standing Sit-stand desk, talking to colleagues, printing, filing, standing whilst talking on the phone
Medium Light Desk Discretionary Standing Sit-stand desk
Short Light Office Building Incidental Walking Walking short distances (stop/start): Trips to and from bathroom, kitchen meeting rooms
Short/ Medium Light Precinct, Neighbourhood Incidental Commuting Walk to car park or transit point
Medium/ Long Light
Precinct, Neighbourhood Discretionary Commuting Walking to worka
Medium/ Long MVPA Precinct, Neighbourhood Discretionary Commuting Cycling to worka
Short MVPA Building Incidental Climbing stairs Using the stair as an efficient way for getting from A to B
Short/ Medium MVPA Building Discretionary Climbing stairs Using the stair for increasing PA
Medium MVPA Building Discretionary Gym Gym, exercise classes, jogging
Medium Light
Precinct, neighbourhood Discretionary Brisk walking Walking breaks, walking groups
Medium Light Precinct, Neighbourhood Discretionary Work breaks Walks out doors during breaks, walking to local shops and cafes, restaurants
  1. aLocal area (reasonable cycling distance 32 min – walking 22 min for FT worker [82]